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Colonial Home Crafters




“the beginning”

Contact (hyperlink connection to contact form) Colonial Homecrafters, Ltd. to set up the initial meeting. We are interested in learning more about you and your needs.

Lot Analysis

“locating the perfect spot”

Colonial Homecrafters, Ltd. will build on a customer’s home site or chose a lot in one of our many developments. If you already have a building site in mind, we can visit the prospective home site and provide you with an assessment of the feasibility for building your new home on the site. 


Design your Home

“ideas become reality”

Our attention to details starts with the components of your home: a functional floor plan, quality materials, brand name products, dependable subcontractors, professional vendors and excellent communication. Attention to details is always of primary importance in the construction of your home.



“putting it all together”

Combining the plans, plat and specifications together to ensure that the home starts on the right footing. 



“getting started”

We personally manage every build job and we visit each home every day. 



“constant contact”

We are in constant communication with our customers during the construction of your home. We believe in working as a team to craft your dreams into a home for you and your family.

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